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About us

An Indo-Sino venture, Prime has made it easier for our customers to purchase from China, providing an ever increasing product range. Today we have a Chinese base of manufacturing partners located in Foshan, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Ningbo & Qingdao enabling us to supply a comprehensive range of products competitively. Thus it is a team of Indians and Chinese working together to offer competitive products backed by exemplarily service.


Why Prime?

There are two reasons that you would benefit with working with Prime.

Save Time

Time required identifying and distinguishing between the reliable and not so reliable factories.

  1. Prime does factory auditing with yearly reviews.
  2. We already have a large database of approved manufacturing partners

  Time saved by not having to make factory visits as we will visit you on a regular basis.

Time saved by communicating with only one company in China who understands your requirements and standard operating procedures.

  1. We have been working in China for the past 5 years and the majority of our staff is locals who speak the local Chinese language.
  2. You will be attended to only by qualified English speaking staff from India.

  Time saved by not having to make factory visits as we will visit you on a regular basis.

Quality Assurance

We ensure that the quality of the products in your order conforms to an approved sample you have received from us.

  1. We have a team of people who specialize only in quality assurance.
  2. Factory audits are done before manufacturing to ensure the facility is capable of meeting our requirements.
  3. We conduct multiple product inspections when working with new factories or designs.
  4. We inspect almost 100% of all orders before shipment, even when we may have a long established relationship with a factory. An outside third party inspector is able to uncover irregularities that in house QA’s may not.

Customer Service Commitment

  Prime provides products and components to mutually agreed upon specifications, on time with clear and timely communication. In keeping with the intent of our service commitment, and as evidence of our wish to continually meet the expectations of our customers.

Mission Statement

  Prime continuously looks for ways to make it easier and more rewarding for our customers to purchase products and components from China.

The key to making this happen:-

  Our relationship with customers, suppliers and within our organization.

  Education, training, access to information and communication.


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