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Prime, is a key player in the international indenting business. Backed by a extensive global network of buyers & suppliers we source a variety of products for our clients such as Sahara in India, Taj Hotels Sri Lanka, House of Raj in the UK.


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Banquet Chair China, Chiavari Chair China, School Furniture China, Auditorium Chair China, Airport Chair China, Folding Chair China, Rattan Furniture China, Wooden Furniture China, Banquet Chair, Chiavari Chair, School Furniture, Auditorium Chair, Airport Chair, Folding Chair, Rattan- Furniture, Wooden Furniture, Indoor Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, School Chair and desk, Office Furniture


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Prime Asia Industries Ltd. has made it easier for customers to purchase from China, providing an ever increasing product range. Today we have a Chinese base of manufacturing partners located in Foshan, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Ningbo & Qingdao enabling us to supply a comprehensive range of products like Banquet Chairs, Chiavari Chairs, Event Furniture, Banquet Tables, Auditorium Chairs, School Furniture, Rattan Furniture, Indoor Wooden Furniture, Outdoor Furniture and more .dolor sit, sed etiam csectetuer adipiscing. Et aMore…

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